Another flu death 6-Year-Old Girl in North Carolina

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Cary -- On Emily Muth was taken to an urgent care center in Cary, NC on Tuesday of last week and was diagnosed with the flu. Emily died on Friday.


Her parents were given a prescription for Tamiflu and took Emily home. She seemed to be improving and then her health suddenly became worse. The girl's parents said  that she had not recieved the flu shot. They want other parents to know their story so that they will get their children the flu shot. They are making sure their two sons are getting theirs.

“Cherish every single moment you have with your kids because it can be taken away in an instant,” said Rhonda Muth. “This happened from Tuesday to Friday, so three and a half days. The flu is nothing to mess with.” Ruth Muth, Emily's mother told WSOC - TV

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