Macon County Family Loses Son After Vehicle Crash

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Macon County, NC -- On May 8, 2017, four people of a local family were in a crash, which has now taken the life of one of them.

The Tastinger family lost their son, Shane 13, today from severe brain trauma. A GoFundme Account has been setup to help the family

John and Julie Tastinger are wonderful, hard working people who have unselfishly opened their home to foster kids and have adopted two children in addition to their own two.   Yesterday afternoon John, John Jr., Shane and Matilda were involved in a horrific automobile accident that left all four of them injured.  John (43) has a severe concussion and brain trauma, John Jr. (15) has minor head injuries, 3 year old Matilda has suffered a broken arm and leg and may require additional surgeries.   Shane (13) unfortunately, has injuries that are more life threatening.   He has suffered major brain trauma and was unresponsive at the scene of the accident.   He along with his father were air lifted to Memorial Mission where he has undergone life saving surgery.   His condition remains critical.   This page is being started in the hopes that your generosity will assist Julie and their daughter Anna (13) with expenses that mere insurance simply won't cover.    This is a family that is always on the giving end of charity and not one that would ever ask for charity.   However, this is a time when they need the very type of assistance that they routinely give to others.   Please help any way you can and if you can't help with funds, perhaps you can help in other ways.   Hopefully, together we can help ease some of this family's burden. May God Bless You.
We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.   Thank you again.

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