Brother Wolf Launches a campaign to reform NC Shelter laws and Needs Your Help

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We at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue are excited to be launching a brand new campaign to reform the laws governing the shelters in the state of North Carolina.

In our collaboration with rescuers and shelters over the years, we’ve uncovered multiple instances of incompetence and corruption across the state shelter system. We need to tell the individual stories of the animals who have been needlessly, senselessly killed. But we also need to fix the laws that are supposed to protect these victims.

The Brother Wolf reform campaign has two key phases of work: gathering first-hand accounts of the corruption and incompetence in the NC shelter system that has victimized animals, and working with state legislators to create sweeping reforms to mitigate this corruption and incompetence in our state’s shelter system.
To learn more about how you can participate, please visit and like our new page. 

A post from their new page:

Peter Macqueen reviewed Help Reform NC Shelter Law — 

October 25 at 12:44pm ·

The NC animal shelter rules are past due for review and updates. These rules were enacted from 2006-2009. The Shelter Rules have never been evaluated to determine which of the rules are effective and which are ineffective.
It has been over 10 years since the first rules for municipal animal shelters went into effect. It is a fact that some of the rules do not work or are ineffectively enforced.
10 years is long enough period of use for the rules to be independently evaluated and revised where necessary. The citizens of NC must request this action by the legislature and the Dept. of Agriculture in order to get it done.


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