126 Voter Registrations Cut On Thursday, Approx 128 Prior To Meeting

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Asheville- On Thursday night 126 registered names were removed from the voter rolls, after a challege by the Tea Party. The vote by the Buncombe County Board of Elections was 3-0 to remove the names.


Out of that 126 people, only three had voted in last year's general election in November. None of the rest voted since 2012.

The original number challenge by the Asheville Tea Party was 257 registered voters in December. County election workers had already removed about half of them during a regular purege of the voter rolls by Thursday's hearing. Election workers said they had tried to reach challenged voters by mail. 

Only 12 of the total number of registrations challenged by the Tea Party originally had voted in 2014. Nine of them had recently updated addresses with the borad and kept on the rolls.

Asheville Tea Party members said after the board's action that they had challeged the registrations to prevent someone else from committing fraud by using them to vote. They did admit though, they have no evidence that had happened in Buncombe County.


Now, let's look at the numbers.  Prior to Thursday night, the originial 257 registered voters challenged by the Asheville Tea Party in December, almost half were removed by the County election workers. About half would be 128. 

On Thursday night, 126 more registered names were removed from the voter rolls. Add 128 + 126 = 254. So, basically the Asheville Tea Party got all but 3 of the original number kicked off of the voter rolls. 

This to me, is ridiculous. You don't hear from someone because you tried to contact them by mail so you cut them off? They didin't vote in the 2012 election should not get you kicked off of the rolls?

Really, the Asheville Tea Party has that much power to basically get the number they chose to get booted off the voter rolls? I hope that all of those thrown off that have no idea when they go to vote, are heard loud and clear.





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