Generic Drugs vs Brand-Name

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Medicine- Let's compare generic drugs to brand-name drugs. 

A lot of people might wonder about the quality and effectiveness of generic drugs, as they are so much cheaper than brand-name drugs. 

Actually, generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs. They have exactly the same dosage and intended us. So are effects, side effects, routine of taking the drug. The same is true of risks, safety, and strength. The FDA U.S. Federal Drug Administration) requires that generic drugs be as safe and as effective as brand names.

One example of a generic drug, one used for diabetes, is metformin. The brand name is Glucophage. (Brand names usually start with upper case letters, generic names are not) A generic drug for hypertension is metoprolol, the brand name for the exact same drug in Lospressor.

Brand name drugs are the original drug on the market. The company that owns it went through the expense of developing and marketing the new drug. A large amount of money has already been spent on research and development of the drug. This company is given a patent on the new drug, which gives exclusive right to sell the new drug for as long as the patent is in effect.



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