Free Clinics in Hendersonville Will Now Offer Overdose Kits

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Hendersonville- Naloxone kits will now be available through The Free Clinics in Western North Carolina.


On Monday, The Free Clinics will be the first phamacy in Western North Carolina to be able to dispense Naloxone kits. These kits are overdose prevention kits, for those at risk of overdosing on drugs; heroin, methamphetamine and narcotic pain medications.

The reality in North Carolina is that unintentional drug overdoses was on the way to being the leading cause of accidental deaths in the state. Access to overdose prevention education and naloxone is needed now.

Included in the kits, the Naloxone drug and an attachment that permits the life saving drug to be giving as a nasal spray. 

The breathing of opiod users who overdose can beome suppressed and sometimes the person stops breathing. The Naloxone spray can bring breathing back to a normal level. This gives time so that the person can get to the medical attention they need.

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Since the Overdose Prevention Projec (OPP) became operational August 1, 2013 NCHR has dispensed over 6,000 overdose rescue kits that include naloxone and have recieved 251 confirmed reports that the life saving medication was administered successfullu by lay individuals. Naloxone is an opiate antagonist, which reverses the deadly effects of an opiate overdose. In an opiate overdose, the victim's respiratory drive is compromised potentially leading to respiratory arrest and death. When people are trained in the sighns and proper response to an overdose, a victim's life can be spared and a family's agonly averted.

Good Samaritan/Access to Naloxone" bill allows for a standing order distibrution, meaning that medical practitioners can dispense naloxone without the provider present. This allows the OPP to dispense naloxone in diverse settings to people who may feel stigmatized or shamed for their addiction. Also known as SB20, the new law lifts the fear of calling medical assistance in the event of a drug overdose. Under SB20, witnesses and victims of an overdose have limited criminal immunity from prosecution for small amounts of drugs and paraphernalia that may be found as a result of calling for help. The immunity also applies to under age drinkers who seek help for alcohol poisoning, but the caller must give their real name, stay with the victime and only the caller is immune.


The Free Clinics will stock 300 Naloone kits. Patients prescribed an opiod; OxyContin, Vicodin, morphine, codeine and Fentanyl, are able to recieve a standing-order prescription for a kit from their doctor.





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