Donna Hughes, Bluegrass Musician, Dogs' Best Friend!

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Donna Hughes is a bluegrass singer and songwriter with a cause..bring attention to the misery of dogs who live their lives on a chain, ignored and forgotten. To break dogs free of their chains.


Reading her story on, as an animal lover, this is a story I can really relate to..I have seen far too many dogs living out their lives on chains. She felt the need to write the song "Dog on a 10 Foot Chain" after seeing a big yellow dog living on a chain outside. Day after day she'd see that poor dog,  rainy days and nights, cold, hot, just misery. Donna would find herself awake at night with worry. That big yellow dog is the inspiration for her song and has inspired her to start a online petition to change the law and give chained dogs life.

In her online petition she says:

So many dogs ar suffering night & day in cold temperatures while chained up. THIS IS NO LIFE FOR A DOG, or any animal, to be tied up 24/7. I urge state & Federal Law Makers to strongly consider the CRUELTY and NEGLECT of an animal, that is living his ENTIRE life out in the elements, while attached to a stationary object.

Donna is using social media to get the word out, from Face Book, twitter, YouTube, as well as celebrities. Her aim is to get at least 1 million signatures, at this time there are over 18,000.

Kudos to you, Donna Hughes. After reading the article on about you and your cause, I am now a fan on Face Book, I have signed the petition and shared it. I will also be sharing your You Tube video. 

 Here is the link where you can link to her online petition

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