Lake Julian Park Heroes

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ARDEN-- Today we decided to take our dog out to Lake Julian Park. It was so beautiful out, we thought we might enjoy a boat ride.


As we were walking toward the boathouse, I noticed a motor boat speeding through the water. A few minutes later, there was a horn that was blown. I took out my cellphone and snapped a few pictures of the boat coming back into the dock.

There was a couple who had decided to do just what we were going to do, go out on a boat with their dog. Well, the wind was really blowing, making the water rough. The boat was stuck and so they needed help to get back to shore. 

EMS checked the couple out and I spoke to the wife for just a moment. She said both she and her little dog had gotten sick on the boat. Sure glad they all made it back safe!

The park stopped renting out boats.

Kudos to those who acted so quickly to help the couple and their dog, heroes!

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