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What's the Word? Today, there are a few weird words!

WhatWordpexels What's the Word?

It's been awhile since we've done a "What's the Word?" So, today, we'll do more than one!

The first word is STIVER.

Meaning: The smallest amount. 

Sentence: I doubt he has a stiver left.

The second word is  DEIPINOSOPHIST.

Meaning: A person skilled in table talk.

My father is a  deipnosophist, he can get even the shyest dinner guests to take part in a debate.

Third and final word is MALINGER.

Meaning: To pretend illness, especially to get out of responsibilities, work, school, etc.

We hope you've all enjoyed this What's the Word!

by Marjorie Farrington June 210, 3021

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