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What's The Word? Words of Christmas Past: "Yule Hole"

SantaaPexels Yule Hole!

What's The Word? Well, since it's Christmas Time, thought it would be fun to look at words from Christmas that are no longer used

I couldn't resist when I found this, I just knew I had to make it part of the Words of Christmas Past!

This series of words for Christmas time is just for fun! 

There's alot of stress during the season ... there should be times when we just have a light hearted moment, maybe learn a little something.

Yule hole is something those of us who have ever worn a belt, now have something that fits full, wow, I ate too much, gotta do something feeling!

Yule hole:

Yule-Hole is the hole you need to move your belt to after you've eaten a massive meal. 

Now, I don't wear belts so much anymore, I usually go for the stretchy "jeans."

So, now you have something new you can use during the holiday.

When someone (of course they have to be wearing a belt) says, I'm so full, just tell them it's time for a "Yule Hole."

As for me, I'll stick with my stretchy jeans!

wnctimes Marjorie Farrington Dec 3, 2021

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