1970's Groovy Slang

The 1970's! What a decade! The music, the hair styles, the threads (clothes), the Groovy Slang!

Every generation has their own slang. The 1970's slang words are now history, but it's a Far Out, Groovy One! 

Take a Look, for some, it will be a walk down memory lane. For others, maybe a little laughter. To relate to these, I guess you really had to be there!

Boogie Down -- Dance, usually to Disco Music!

The Man -- Authority figures, police, the government.

Do Me a Solid -- A Solid is a Favor.

Far Out! -- Awesome, really liked, cool.

Space Cadet -- A kind way of saying someone is goofy, not listening, mind is some place else

Cool Beans! -- Your approval, that's a great idea, wow.

Right On, Man! --  You got it, agreed, yes!

Rip Off! -- Someone cheated you on something you purchased.

Hey, any of you from the '70's got some to add? Feel free to do so in the comments!

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