Haywood County -- Haywood County Emergency Services November 15, 2021 

Emergency Services had a busy month of October.
That's not unusual though, fall is often a busy time with the increase of visitors for leaf season. As Thanksgiving approaches, we wish you all a safe and happy time together with family and friends!
How not to invite paramedics to Thanksgiving —
DO NOT attempt to fry frozen turkeys. EVER.
DO NOT fry your turkey inside the house. NO.
Make sure your smoke detectors are working. Let's face it, most of us don't know our way around the kitchen like we should.
Avoid food poisoning. Don't serve or eat undercooked food.
Only experienced knife handlers should cut the turkey. If you can't cut onions, you have no business near the bird.
Fill up your tank, and drive safely on the way to Memaw's house. (Does this really need explaining?)
If you are diabetic, and choose to eat ALL the SUGAR, make sure someone knows what meds you take.
If you have allergies, bring your EPI-Pen. You never know what sneaky Aunt Kathy put in the casserole.
Choose your battles carefully when it comes to football. Especially if alcohol has been enjoyed.
Oh, and wash your hands, because we said so.