Happy New Year's Eve! Want to Ring in Luck for 2022? 

So, while looking around online about the new year, we discovered there are lucky foods to bring in the new year! 

Who doesn't want some luck to start off 2021? Let's take a look at some foods we found popular....


According to what we found, Spanish speaking countries believe that eating 12 grapes before midnight will bring 
good luck and prosperity for the new year!


In the South, collard greens are easy to find in the winter because they’re a late crop.
They’re said to bring good luck in the New Year, because they resemble money.

In the southern United States, a bowl of beans is often served on New Year's Day to bring good luck,
as they resemble coins.


When the cornbread is golden-brown, it represents your hopes for a prosperous New Year.

Milk Products

Many cultures believe that consumption of milk products bring wealth and prosperity in the new year.


In the English-speaking world, eating a cake on New Year’s Eve is an old tradition brought to North America
by early settlers. They believed that eating a piece of sweet bread or cake would bring them luck and prosperity
in the coming year.

Whatever way you choose eat and bring in the 2022, Wnctimes wishes you a Very Happy New Year!