"Spring Forward" Really?

Well, it's Monday and it's the first Monday after the "Spring Forward."
Really, who feels like springing anywhere? Most people may want to just spring back to bed!

Winter makes alot of us overeat, sit around too much, we may have found ourselves on an emotional rollercoaster ride, not to mention the weather. We're over "the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful." Holidays are gone, the excitement of football season is over, most of us have been eating comfort food and sitting aroud too much.

Now we feel the impact on our minds and bodies, we get hit with commercials selling us sneakers, plan for summer vacations, get up and move, when all you really want them to do is to leave you alone. You may find your energy level is down lower than cold weather outside. 

This just may be a time for quiet moments. Time without distractions, no television, cellphones, no texting, no searching online, no keeping up with the news. Our society teaches us we need to be busy, always "on." You may find a little bit of alone time may help that energy level. 

Total quiet may not be your thing. There's an app for that, you can find apps with nature sounds, background sounds that will help you to be still. It's great to take a walk outside when the weather is ready, maybe not so much if you're not ready. You may find just a few minutes a few times a week is enough. We need to listen to our body, we also need to hear our minds. We tend to be a society that thinks we just need happy talk, we just need to pull ourselves up. That just doesn't work sometimes. A little bit of quiet time for yourself may help you to be able to get up and move.

If your energy level doesn't go up, then it just might be the time to reach out. Contact your doctor to rule out something going on with your body. That could be your first step. If nothing's going on with your body, reaching out for emotional or mental assistance might be your next step. 

Take it seriously if you find yourself in a sad place, if you are really down, or even struggling with your emotions, reach out. 
Below is information that will help you find the assistance.

National Institute of Mental Health

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