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2022 Important Information for Pet Owners

Health for our pets is so important to pet owners. We deal with information overload. It can become so confusing and
overwhelming, not to mention seem like an endless moneypit. Wnctimes takes a look at how we can because we are 
pet owners, too!

Next Genertion Robots Shape Shifters?

Science -- March 20, 2022: Soft robots can now be coated in materials that allow them to move and function
more purposefully, according to physicists. The study, performed by the University of Bath in the United Kingdom,

Daytime Explained

What Is Daylight Saving Time and How Does It Work? The interval between spring and fall when many people set their clocks forward one hour is known as daylight saving time (DST). People in the United States currently "spring forward" by moving

William Hurt has Died at age 71

News -- March 14, 2022: Willam Hurt died of natural causes at age 71 Sunday, his son said on Sunday.
Hurt announced in 2018 that he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer that had spread to his bones. He died a week

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