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Scientist Turning Back Clock on Old Skin Cells

Science News -- May 2, 2022: The Babraham Institute's research has devised a mechanism to 'time leap' human skin cells by 30 years, thereby turning back the clock on cells' aging without affecting their specialized function. Researchers in the Institute's Epigenetics research group were able to partially repair the function of aged cells while also revitalizing molecular markers of biological age.

Scent Dogs Detect Coronavirus

Science -- May 21, 2022: Scent detecting canines can be taught to identify individuals with a coronavirus infection from skin swabs, according to a recent study from the University of Helsinki.

Continued Renewable Energy Progress on Public Lands

Washington -- April 22, 2022 The Biden-Harris administration's goal of allowing 25 gigawatts of renewable power on public lands by 2025 was announced in a press release yesterday,  as part of the Department of Interior's commitment to support and inspire a clean energy transition.

Deep Learning Teaches Drones to Survive Any Weather

Science News -- May 7, 2022: Drones, or autonomous flying vehicles, will need to learn to navigate real-world weather and wind conditions in order to be genuinely useful. Drones are now either flown in controlled environments with no wind or by people using remote controls. 

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