Help find Local Homeless Man's Missing, Loving Cat

Candler -- Please keep an eye out for Alex's cat, Thomas.

Alex misses his precious cat very much and is heart broken without him. Thomas has his own stroller and is his constant
loving companion.

Alex has a cellphone number and the Evergreen Hospital can also be contacted.

Please, any information on locating Thomas is needed. 

Alex and Thomas are family. Let's reunite them as soon as possible.

The following is posted on Facebook and we hope sharing it here will help bring them together soon!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing the following information!

This is Alex. He is the homeless man that stands at the exit 44 candler exit with his cat Thomas in the stroller. Thomas got away from Alex last weekend in the Arden area. Long shoals vicinity. Thomas, is a fairly large grey and white cat with a stub tail. Please be on the lookout. Alex is lost without his beloved companion. Alex phone# 828-470- 2327. Evergreen vet Hospital. 828-220-5720



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