Asheville -- January 23, 2023: WNCTIMES wanted to share this story posted on Facebook on the
Asheville Humane Society's page.

We want to give a HUGE Shoutout to the women who saved this little dog drowning in the French Broad River!
Thank You!

Asheville Humane Society:

On January 9th, a scruffy dog was struggling to stay afloat in the French Broad River. Two women had spotted the small dog run past them as if something had scared him, and watched as he tumbled into the river, terrified. He was quickly swept up by turbulent currents.

The women called Asheville Animal Services and waited for them to arrive, but within minutes the miniature poodle mix began to go under the water. One of the women quickly dove into the river to pull him out.
“It had stormed the previous day, so the river level was high with powerful currents. The water was freezing,” said Asheville Animal Control Officer Becky Doty. “He was very lucky that the two women were there. They are heroes,” she said. Officer Doty arrived on scene shortly after the dog was rescued.
He was brought to Asheville Humane where he received a full medical evaluation, and was thankfully unscathed from his misadventure. He was given the name Riu and was quickly placed in a foster home.
“When we took him in, he was traumatized and shaking with fright,” his foster Peter told us. With a warm place to sleep, food, and toys, he slowly began to trust Peter and his wife, Nancy. The presence of their nine-year-old dog has seemed to help, and he has been teaching Riu all about living the good life! Riu has been enjoying games of tug-o-war, fetch, and tumbling on the carpet as he waits to be made available for adoption.
Inquiries about adoption will not be returned at this time, interested adopters should visit to see all available dogs (website is updated live with adoptable animals).

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