U.S. Army held a training exercise at the abandoned Capital Plaza Hotel on Capital Boulevard just north of the Beltline last night in Raleigh.

"Training is a necessary and critical element to building successful service operations, especially in public safety functions," said Hall, who said in the statement he approved the city's participation. "I support training efforts and the critical partnerships that grow from working together. Last night's exercise was one example of the partnership." 

"City of Raleigh staff were focused on the safety and well-being of the citizens and nearby residents at all times," he said in the statement. "Raleigh has a long-standing partnership with U.S. military agencies to work together on training opportunities for the benefit to public safety personnel."

"Upon review and lessons learned, I would not approve an exercise of this scale and disruption adjacent to a neighborhood in the future," City Manager Ruffin Hall said in a statement released by the city. "The exercise turned out to be louder and more disruptive to the nearby neighborhood than the City anticipated given our understanding of the proposed conditions."