Business Insider  brings attention to a strange creation by Hurricane Florence, floating "rafts" of fire ants. Read below.


Hurricane Florence has caused colonies of dangerous fire ants to form floating "rafts."

by Ashley Coleman 


Fire ant "rafts" have been spotted in the Carolinas following the flooding from Hurricane Florence.
Colonies of the ants survive massive flooding by banding together and floating on top of flood waters.
The pose a threat especially to rescuers, since they can try to climb aboard rescue vessels.
Hurricane Florence is causing a threat that many Carolinians may not be aware of — fire ants.

Fire ants, which carry a dangerous sting, are an invasive species in the region and are especially adept at surviving massive flooding.

"If they ants manage to touch your skin, they'll immediately start biting and stinging, as they are usually wont to do," Texas A&M warns. "It's important to rub them off immediately — submerging them won't work, as they'll just cling to the skin. Even a high-pressure water spray might not remove them."

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