Haywood County -- October is the perfect time to look at strange local stories of Western North Carolina.

We found The Lengend of The Boojum on Visit NC Smokies .... 

One might say the Boojum is similar to the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayans or the Wampas Cat in the swamps of Eastern North Carolina. However, he is indeed a unique creature of his own and Haywood County is his home.

Though no one has gotten close enough to clearly describe him, it is said he stands at about eight feet tall and mixture of both man and beast. Thick, shaggy, gray hair covers his body with a human like face never described as handsome. He is mostly seen from afar on rocky mountain cliffs or outcroppings when twilight falls.

 He can sometimes be heard moaning deep in the woods near hiking trails. Boojum’s home is tucked somewhere in the Balsam Mountains, a range that adjoins the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Haywood County. 

Most folks recognize the Balsams by the notable peaks of Cold Mountain, Shining Rock, Richland Balsam, and Black Balsam Knob. It is not recommended to go on a quest to find Boojum as he may be be quite frightening to stumble upon, though he is apparently harmless unless threatened.

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