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Happy Birthday, John Lennon! Imagine Peace!

ImaginePeaceTowerJohn Imagine Peace Tower

Happy Birthday, John!

It's hard to believe John would be 81 years old today!

He died at just 40 years old, his music and hope for peace lives on!

There's a special place to honor his memory, his life, the love he

and Yoko lives on, along with their hope for peace! 

Yoko's Imagine Peace Tower is now lit in honor of John's 


I am a huge fan of the Beatles! I am also a huge John Lennon 


He had a sense of humor that was often misunderstood. 

He had a talent for music, a love for people and a zest for


He had just come back into the music world, after being a 

stay-at-home dad when he was shot and killed outside of 

his home.

I was in my early 20's when he was killed. Back then there

was no 24 hour news, no social media. I heard it on the 11 pm

news. I was in shock. It was too late to call anyone so I could 

vent, so I could cry, be able to really absorb the news.

How could someone shoot and kill a man of peace? It wasn't 

new to me .... President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King,

Robert F. Kennedy all were shot and killed when I was a child.

But this was different. I was no longer a child. This was more

real to me. I felt I knew John, I grew up with brothers that were

Beatles fans. I watched them on t.v. I listened to their music,

I watched and laughed at their goofy movies.

This hit home. A voice silenced, gone. 

Music he made and gave gifts will live on. 

Over time with the help of Youtube and online resources, I've

been able to hear John's music that I didn't even know existed.

I've been able to learn more about him, the love he and Yoko had. 

I want to thank Yoko for the Imagine Peace Tower. For keeping his

legacy alive ... for keeping hope for peace ... 

Happy Birthday, John!

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is lit annually
• 9th October – 8th December
• 21st – 31st December
• 18th February
• 20th – 27 March It is lit from around 1 hour after sunset until midnight each night except on John & Yoko's birthdays and on New Year's Eve, when it remains lit until sunrise. On 9th October it lights at 8pm and from 20th – 27th March it lights at 9pm. Relative times:
• 8pm Reykjavík
• 9pm London/Liverpool
• 4pm New York
• 1pm Los Angeles
• 5am Tokyo



IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is an outdoor work of art on Viðey Island, Reykjavík, Iceland, conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon.
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