Senator Harry Reid Dies at 82, Obama Releases Personal Letter to his Friend

Senator Harry Reid -- Born December 2, 1939 - Died December 28, 2021 - 

Senator Harry  Reid served in the U.S. Senate for 30 years, including eight years as Democratic majority leader, 

and was the longest-serving senator in Nevada history when he retired in 2017.

Below is the letter President Obama released yesterday:

When Harry Reid was nearing the end, his wife Landra asked some of us to share letters that she could read to him.

In lieu of a statement, here’s what I wrote to my friend:
I got the news that the health situation has taken a rough turn, and that it’s hard to talk on the phone.
Which, let’s face it, is not that big of a change cause you never liked to talk on the phone anyway!
Here’s what I want you to know. You were a great leader in the Senate, and early on you were more generous to me
than I had any right to expect. I wouldn’t have been president had it not been for your encouragement and support,
and I wouldn’t have got most of what I got done without your skill and determination.
Most of all, you’ve been a good friend. As different as we are, I think we both saw something of ourselves in each
other- a couple of outsiders who had defied the odds and knew how to take a punch and cared about the little guy.
And you know what, we made for a pretty good team.
Enjoy your family, and know you are loved by a lot of people, including me.
The world is better cause of what you’ve done.
Not bad for a skinny, poor kid from Searchlight.

Statement  Senate Majority Chuck Schumer

Leader Schumer Statement On The Passing Of Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Of Nevada

December 28, 2021Washington, D.C. –  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today released
the following statement on the passing of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada:

“Harry Reid was one of the most amazing individuals I have ever met.

“He was tough-as-nails strong, but caring and compassionate, and always went out of his way quietly to help people
who needed help. He was a boxer who came from humble origins, but he never forgot where he came from and used
those boxing instincts to fearlessly fight those who were hurting the poor and the middle class.

“He was my leader, my mentor, one of my dearest friends.

“He’s gone but he will walk by the sides of many of us in the Senate every single day.”

LAS VEGAS, NV – U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) issued the following statement on the passing of former United States Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

“Senator Reid was an inspiration to me and so many Nevadans. A former boxer from Searchlight, he taught me that it is always worth fighting the good fight, and I am forever grateful for his friendship over the years. Senator Reid carried our state to new heights - nobody has done more in the history of our state to advance Nevada’s interests.

Senator Reid also saw the potential in others and helped them grow to that potential. He was exceptionally kind and had
a boundless passion for improving the lives of hardworking families.
My thoughts and condolences are with Landra and Senator Reid’s entire family during this difficult time.”

Wnctimes Marjorie Farrington December 29, 2021

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